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Workspace 365

What is Workspace 365

Workspace-365 is an online workspace on top of Microsoft Office 365. This creates a simple structure with higher productivity. Workspace 365 does this by supporting e - mail, documents and business processes. And in a clear manner to link together.


The work environment of the future is online. Because data is in the Cloud, we make it possible for your workplace to be easily accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Even when offline, all documents remain available.


Business information can therefore be shared or changed with the greatest of ease using Workspace 365.

Collaboration in the organization is easy and smooth with Workspace-365, sharing files and working together on a document is easy to arrange. Through this way of working, communication will improve and production will increase.

In Workspace 365, you manage all your operations from one central starting point

Email, documents and all business processes, such as project management, activities or timekeeping, available on any device. That's Workspace 365. By integrating applications into the workplace, one login allows you to access both web and local apps in one click. In addition, with an intuitive user interface, Workspace 365 adds more structure and simplicity to technologies like Office 365 or Exchange & SharePoint. The user interface remains the same regardless of the use of different underlying techniques. This allows you to switch between the techniques listed below -for example, from Hosted Exchange to Office 365- without the user seeing any changes in the workspace.

Single Sign-On

Still need separate tools that we can't build with our Business Apps? No problem! You can add web apps to your workspace and access them with just one click by logging in via Single Sign-On. This will save you time on logging in to web apps.

Legacy Windows Applications

You don't have to move all the way to the cloud at once. There are still companies that need legacy Windows applications, for example. That's why we give you the ability to access these local or remote apps from your workspace. This makes Workspace 365 a hybrid workspace for any type of employee. By adding Remote Desktop Apps you create one central starting point! With Workspace 365, you can experience the future of work in combination with what you already work with today.

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