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Hosted Exchange

What is Hosted Exchange

You know the situation: you're at a customer's or a conference and you can't access your calendar, your mail or your contacts. With ContinYou's Hosted Exchange, your calendar, contacts and e-mail are accessible at any time. Via PC, laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Useful, because internet and mail are business critical in almost every business. Indispensable due to incoming leads and appointments.
A company has a complicated email infrastructure, so implementation and maintenance are often a challenge. At ContinYou we arrange implementation and maintenance of your email structure. This saves you costs and effort.


Hosted Exchange is ideal as an inexpensive and easily scalable email, without investment. Microsoft Exchange server is used worldwide to optimize collaboration and streamline efficient and secure email traffic.

Benefits Hosted Exchange

  • Your email is accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Share calendar and email with colleagues
  • Your e-mail boxes can be cancelled every month
  • You can expand your Hosted Exchange online package at any time with more mailboxes or additional space.
  • In your office, a server and administrator are superfluous; this saves costs
  • Your Hosted Exchange online environment will be backed up
  • The Hosted Echange online server is located in our data center, a professional secure space
  • We provide our services in the following regions:

    Nijmegen, Wijchen, Beuningen, Lent, Oosterhout, Bemmel, Elst, Arnhem, Ooij, Millingen aan de Rijn, Kranenburg, Kleve, Groesbeek, Heilig Landstichting, Berg en Dal, Ubbergen, Malden, Heumen, Molenhoek, Mook & Middelaar, Plasmolen, Overasselt, Nederasselt, Grave, Cuijk, Beers, Katwijk, Linden, Haps, Mill, Wanroij, Rijkevoort, Volkel, Uden, Sint Anthonis, Stevensbeek, Boxmeer, Beugen, Oeffelt, Overloon, Venray, Oostrum, Wanssum, Well, Bergen, Nieuw Bergen, Siebengewald, Goch, Afferden, Heijen, Ven-Zelderheide, Milsbeek, Ottersum, Gennep

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