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HIP Telephony

Your PBX in the cloud, which moves with the dynamics of your business

The need for efficiency requires a flexible communication solution. Hosted Telephony is a complete communication solution, which does not require a large investment, but rather is scalable and moves with the changes inside and outside your company. Hosted Telephony is the future-proof telephone exchange, which is part of a total communication solution in the cloud. All imaginable possibilities for a fixed monthly fee, without unexpected costs.

What is Hosted Telephony?

With Hosted Telephony, you communicate through the cloud. You can use any device. Your landline phone, your old Nokia 6310, your smartphone, but also your tablet and computer are now a full part of your PBX and your customers only see one number when you call them. Unlike a physical telephone exchange, Hosted Telephony does not require a large investment and an ISDN connection is unnecessary. In addition, you only pay for the features you use. These can be set up and changed at any time to suit your needs.

Expand or downsize immediately

Hosted Telephony is extremely flexible. The switchboard grows and shrinks along with your business. It is therefore very easy to adjust the number of users for example. You never have under or over capacity and you only pay for the features you use.

No tax surprises

For Hosted Telephony you pay a fixed amount per employee, per month. This amount is based on the features you want per employee. These can be standard call functions, but also professional receptionist or call center functionalities. You do not want any financial surprises? Choose the option of unlimited calls for fixed and mobile. This makes your costs transparent and you will never be faced with unexpected bills.

Never miss a call again

Because with Hosted Telephony you can use any device, new opportunities arise to work more efficiently. You will never miss that important call again. You can be reached anywhere on one number and the telephone exchange in the cloud is always online.
With your smartphone you can easily control your telephony settings remotely and determine your accessibility. In addition, you can easily transfer, move and answer calls from anywhere on any device. This is possible with any smartphone. Think for example of Bring Your Own Device.


Hosted Telephony makes communicating more efficient and time-saving through the integration possibilities with, for example, CRM and ERP packages. This allows you to immediately have your customer's details at hand when they call you. In addition, you can see at a glance on any (mobile) device whether your colleagues are available and you can call one number from any device. Looking up a number and then dialing it is a thing of the past!

Highly reliable

With Hosted Telephony you always communicate via KPN's reliable fixed network, but you can also communicate over the Internet. The communication network is duplicated and monitored 24/7. In addition, Hosted Telephony is never subject to the consequences of local cable breaks or power failures. You can always be reached at any other location or cell phone, including through all other mobile providers. This way we guarantee optimal availability of your telephone system and accessibility of your business.

Simplicity and security

For Total Communication you will have only one contact. You will also receive only one invoice! Unlike a traditional telephone exchange, your telephone exchange in the cloud will never become obsolete. You will always have the latest functionalities, because the communication platform is continuously kept up-to-date. In addition, a communication solution from the cloud is easy to manage via your iPad or web browser.

For every entrepreneur

Whether you have two employees or five hundred, one or more branches: you want to be optimally accessible to your customers, have the flexibility to scale up or down, receive one predictable invoice and never miss a call. With Hosted Telephony you choose a reliable new future-proof total communications solution.

Your benefits:

Fixed monthly costs, no surprises.
A switchboard in the cloud, no local switchboard needed.
Telephony that is flexible, scalable and very reliable.
Available at any location.
Easy to use.
Direct insight into call charges.
Number portability possible.
One point of contact for data and telephony.

The subscriptions of HIP telephony

The subscription of HIP telephony is different for each company. It depends on the number of employees and the profiles you choose per employee. These profiles can be supplemented with various individual and group options. With HIP telephony you have a choice of 5 user profiles: Meeting room, Office, On the road Bundle, On the road and Everywhere. Per month you pay for the necessary internet connection, any group options and a fixed amount per user, depending on the user profile you choose for your employees.

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