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The Cloud stands for a network that, with all the computers connected to it, forms a kind of ''cloud of computers''. The end user does not know on how many or on which computer the software is running, or where exactly those computers are located. In this way the user no longer needs to own the hardware and software used and is therefore not responsible for maintenance.

What is the cloud?

Everywhere you see it and read it. We're going into the cloud, we're working in the cloud, and the future is the cloud. But what exactly is that? And how does it work? ContinYou is happy to explain the possibilities.

The cloud

The term is actually a bit misleading. It simply stands for the Internet, but like a cloud, it is not tangible. As such, a cloud server is nothing more or less than a server attached to the Internet that Internet users can log into remotely. An example is webmail. It can be accessed via your cell phone, the Internet or a mail program. The hardware plays less of a role in this than in the past. Whatever you use, you see the same data.

The benefits

Hard drives and servers can go out the door, because an internet connection will do. This, of course, saves on costs. Companies can make considerable savings on licenses and IT support staff. Another advantage is that you can already access the company data from home. Lack of storage space is also a thing of the past, because the servers are so large that they are virtually impossible to fill up. Should your computer crash or your premises catch fire, no problem. Your data is safe in the cloud.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in which the infrastructure for your company network is offered to you virtually. The hardware, including the server, network equipment and workstations are safely stored online in a data center. You as a customer only pay for what you actually consume. Further properties are: The desktop environment is offered virtually, The cost grows along with the increase in the required capacity, The services are scalable because they work on the basis of requests, The security is also arranged by ContinYou and is therefore often as good or better than a private user can arrange himself.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Software as a Service, often abbreviated as SaaS, also sometimes called Software on Demand, is software offered as an online service. You do not have to purchase the software, but enter into a contract per month per user, for example. The SaaS provider takes care of installation, maintenance and management, you access the software over the internet at the SaaS provider. Examples of these services are Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, CRM online etc.


With private 'cloud' one works on a (virtually) private ICT infrastructure. In this cloud, the user has full control over data, security and quality of service. The applications that are made available via the Private Cloud make use of shared infrastructure components that are deployed for multiple customers, but are not themselves shared with other customers. The responsibility for maintaining the private cloud lies with a professional ICT service provider. The physical location of the infrastructure components can be either at ContinYou or at the you.


A Hybrid Cloud solution is a combination of a cloud solution with hardware and software that is still at your location. You then retain part of your ICT environment locally and part goes 'online'. For example, if you have just invested in a new server, it may be financially more attractive to write off this server first: a common approach is to store data locally on the server, and then the email is 'in the cloud' through a Hosted-Exhange solution. This way, you can keep an eye on the costs and still work in a more flexible way. At a later stage, you can then move to a full cloud solution, for example. A Hybrid Cloud combines the advantages of your own hardware and software.

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