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Managed Backup

Your ICT environment stands like a house.

That's fine. But... then the long view intrudes. With questions like: how do I keep my network stable? How does my ICT cope with changes within my company? At ContinYou we think along: we monitor your ICT, anticipate changes and consult proactively with you. And we make adjustments where necessary. Curious?
With an online backup solution from ContinYou you will never lose your critical business data again. This backup is an automatic online backup for the entire office or for one laptop.
Back up online has standard backup modules for the most commonly used applications such as Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Oracle and VMware. ContinYou online backup is designed for networks with storage needs between five and several hundred gigabytes per system.
You don't have to worry about anything anymore. You determine the frequency of the backups once and then everything happens completely automatically. After each backup you receive a clear report, so you know exactly what happened. Your data can only be restored by you.

Securing your data

ContinYou online backup selects data from your desktops, laptops and servers. Then the online backup automatically sends the information to the storage system in our data center via a secure Internet connection. In the event of a power failure, fire or a laptop falling down the stairs, you can easily recover all your files and emails.
Your data is protected in a number of ways: the data is protected with passwords and the latest 256-bit encryption techniques. Backup data is uploaded over a secure SSL connection.
We use the best techniques. With Delta Block technology, each backup session stores only the data that has changed since the previous backup. Through this technology, the backup software looks at which data blocks have actually changed and compresses them.
In addition to storing your backup online, it is also stored in a remote location. If your location is unexpectedly hit by fire or other calamity, your data is safe.

Backup Benefits

Automatic and simple. No more changing tapes, no more worrying about it;
Back-ups are safely stored outside the door, both online and offline;
No investment in expensive hardware needed;
Fast online restore possible: data can be delivered via courier - also in the evening and in the weekend!

Restoring data

If you need your backup data, simply restore it using the online backup software. The data is then transferred to your own environment via the secure internet connection of our data center.
If you have a large amount of data to restore and you need the data quickly, you can also request the data from us on hard disk. Immediately after your request, we will place your data on a hard disk and send it to you by courier.

Additional possibility: Mail Level Backup

An additional feature of ContinYou Backup software is individual recovery. Also called Mail Level Backup. This means that you can select individual users, folders, calendars or emails for backup or restore. In short, you don't have to restore an entire mailbox, you can just look back/set that one important email.
This individual recovery works from within the Microsoft Exchange Server. All versions of MS Exchange Server from 2000 onwards are supported: Server 2000, Server 2003, Server 2007, Server 2010 and Server 2013.

We provide our services in the following regions:

Nijmegen, Wijchen, Beuningen, Lent, Oosterhout, Bemmel, Elst, Arnhem, Ooij, Millingen aan de Rijn, Kranenburg, Kleve, Groesbeek, Heilig Landstichting, Berg en Dal, Ubbergen, Malden, Heumen, Molenhoek, Mook & Middelaar, Plasmolen, Overasselt, Nederasselt, Grave, Cuijk, Beers, Katwijk, Linden, Haps, Mill, Wanroij, Rijkevoort, Volkel, Uden, Sint Anthonis, Stevensbeek, Boxmeer, Beugen, Oeffelt, Overloon, Venray, Oostrum, Wanssum, Well, Bergen, Nieuw Bergen, Siebengewald, Goch, Afferden, Heijen, Ven-Zelderheide, Milsbeek, Ottersum, Gennep

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