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What is KPN ÉÉN?

KPN ÉÉN is 1 integrated solution for fixed and mobile telephony, internet and online software with 1 contract, 1 fixed price, 1 telephone number, 1 voicemail, 1 invoice and ContinYou as the direct point of contact.

KPN ÉÉN is suitable for companies from 5 to 150 employees.

Mobile phone

KPN ÉÉN lets you fully integrate your fixed and mobile telephony. Mobile devices get the same capabilities as fixed devices connected to your telephone switchboard.

Also with your mobile devices you can make unlimited calls to all mobile numbers in the Netherlands.

Fixed Dialing

You no longer need a physical telephone exchange: all the advanced telephone exchange functionalities are delivered directly from KPN's reliable network. What's more, you can make unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers in the Netherlands for a fixed amount per user per month.

Mobile Internet

Almost all mobile subscriptions under KPN ÉÉN include 3,000 MB of mobile internet per user. This is done on the basis of group credit, the MBs can be shared with colleagues. This group credit can be expanded as desired. For the profile Traveling Bundle a limit of 250MB mobile internet per user applies.

Fixed internet

To use KPN ÉÉN, you need a fixed Internet connection from KPN. ContinYou advises you what kind of connection you exactly need. We look at your current data usage and also make a calculation of what you exactly need on the basis of your specific requirements. For example, the number of simultaneous calls, whether or not to use video calls, backup, etc.

Office 365

With Office 365 (including internet security and a domain name), your employees will have access to online software from Microsoft.

With applications such as Lync, Sharepoint, Office and Exchange, you work even more efficiently. Online meetings and working simultaneously on the same document are standard features.

With Office 365, you no longer invest in your own server for these applications.

The KPN ÉÉN subscriptions

The KPN ÉÉN subscription is different for each company. It depends on the number of employees and the profiles you choose for each employee. You can supplement these profiles with various individual and group options. With KPN ÉÉN, you have a choice of 5 user profiles: Meeting room, Office, On the road Bundle, On the road and Everywhere.

Per month, you pay for the necessary internet connection, any group options, and a fixed amount per user, depending on the user profile you choose for your employees.

We provide our services in the following regions:

Nijmegen, Wijchen, Beuningen, Lent, Oosterhout, Bemmel, Elst, Arnhem, Ooij, Millingen aan de Rijn, Kranenburg, Kleve, Groesbeek, Heilig Landstichting, Berg en Dal, Ubbergen, Malden, Heumen, Molenhoek, Mook & Middelaar, Plasmolen, Overasselt, Nederasselt, Grave, Cuijk, Beers, Katwijk, Linden, Haps, Mill, Wanroij, Rijkevoort, Volkel, Uden, Sint Anthonis, Stevensbeek, Boxmeer, Beugen, Oeffelt, Overloon, Venray, Oostrum, Wanssum, Well, Bergen, Nieuw Bergen, Siebengewald, Goch, Afferden, Heijen, Ven-Zelderheide, Milsbeek, Ottersum, Gennep

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